What is Vanita?

I wrote it in Spanish and, maybe I shouldn’t; because by doing so I violated the Universalitation principle, which is basic in my country.

So, for those who doesn’t speak spanish, there is a translation of my very first post about Vanita.

Vanita is the place where I still am. I’ve been in this lands for quite a long time, yet sometimes I leave here and make shorts visits to another worlds.

Nevertheless I always come back to Vanita.

There are other several kingdoms like Guromnidas or Famelicum (maybe my second home after Vanita) which I frequently visit, maybe someday I will receive this kingdom’s citizenship but, so far I am completly a vanitian.

I have to make very clear that Vanita is, like any other place with geographyc localization a place, affected by the lattitude where it is.

The weather is mainly warm, with Mixed forest, but in the North side, it’s possible to find several places that could be described as Taiga or even to the cold tundra.

Vanita is a frozen hell. The metheorological news forecast a 2ºC~-18ºC for tomorrow in the area I live in.
I guess it’s going to be one of the coldest days in the past 25 years.

Maybe it was a bad moment for me to come back by my self to this bedroom which always has had issues with the heating system. The thing turns worse because I got used to the climate in Aihama (where I spent the last 3 and a half years of my life)a place extremely hot therefore you can barely want to do nothing.
However and despite the cold and the loneliness of the place, Vanita is a better place for me.

… and one can always get a new heater

…and a cup of coffee

… and maybe, some good day a vanitian would like to come to share  his coldness with mine.



4 thoughts on “What is Vanita?

  1. maru-chan!

    i can understant whet is the Vanita.

    very good place, and i want to go there.

    and i have one more question right?

    what is meaning of “smava”

    ple tell me your answer.


  2. Hi my Dear Jun

    Well, Esmava means “An artist”. But I´ve just posted it´s whole etymology.

    BTW Did you read my last mail? I sent it to your yahoo.co.jp address 🙂

  3. ごめんね淳、間違って淳からのコメントを消しちゃった!!!



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