What´s the meaning of Esmava ?


Lately, I´ve been asked about my name´s meaning, well, here it is.

Esmava is not exactly a common name in my country, yet, is a common and frequently used word.

It´s etymology comes from the ancient Guromno (my country´s official language):

SMUN: For Arts and SMUNKLT  for Artist.

As the time passed by the Smunklt´s phonetic changed:


When I was born, my parents literally said: “esmav a nen Sun´t” which means “(This) baby will be an artist” in Guromno.

That´s why esmav a means: “An Artist”. But, both of my parents forgot that Esmava Plusmy second name has a similar phonetic with another word in Guromno; a really bad word. So rude, so offensive, so xenophobic and vulgar that Vanita´s govern has forbidden it.

Please don´t ask me to write that obscene word, if Vanita´s spies find it, they´ll close this site and shave my head. That´s a very common punishment here in Vanita, which has saved me from the children´s mockery, hahaha!:-)


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