A girl´s story

There was this girl who didn´t know how to get along with people, she didn´t even know how or when to greet general people. So she rathered to get hidden on a personal shelter.

While she was there she thought about people she cared about, and she started feeling alone and empty inside…and realized her heart had a hole from where her life was draining off.

She couldn´t (or didn´t wanted )ask for help, and nobody knew exactly where she was… and there were no cellphones avaiable on that land.


I wonder if she´s still there….

I wonder why she´s like that, I wonder why she can´t change…

I think I hate her… maybe she´s better off dead


2 thoughts on “A girl´s story

  1. Hola muchacha! Me alegra que te hayas contactado conmigo. Apenas entré a tu blog me acordé de Tim Burton y de Sleepy Hollow… Me gusta lo de Vanitense, lo voy a explorar. Un abrazo de diario íntimo.

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