A random someone on the bus

As I always do, I took the bus in order to go from work to my class; which today was “Technics and Materials” (in which we learn how to prepare watercolours, oil painting, fresco, temperas, etc; starting from the very beginnig; the pigments), Now we´re using class made oil paintgs .

That´s why I was carrying with me my canvas, my brushes,  and my pigments (and several other stuffs), and while I was on the bus, I sat next to this old gentleman and, I noticed the way he stared at me:

-Excuse me – he said– do you paint?

-Yes, I do.

-Are you going to your class on the ENAP?? (My Art School)

-Yes;   I am.

-It´s so great you chose painting for your living,  you look like a sensitive girl; so Art suits you.  Congratulations for your choice.  What technich are you paintig??

-It´s a dried brushstroke oil painting.

-Oh, well I hope you can paint a lot today and, you should stay on the studio even if your class is already over. Do your best effort. By the way I´m an architect…

And then, silence, cuz I usually  get very, very stressed when it comes to talk to unknown people. But then, a little bit later, he got off the bus and I felt kind of relieved.. but that´s no t the point.

My point is; this is the third time people I don´t know ask me, on the bus if I´m an artist… or an art student…

And, that kind of questions, make me really happy… cuz I feel like my esence can be felt by others, sometimes that strongly that, they can beat silence and start a conversation with me 🙂



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