Thoughts when I´m drunk

Maybe is because I´m half drunk right now but… today, while I was at this party with my classmates I received a call from my boss. She wanted to talk with me about the classes and the classes system.. and I felt like…”Come on! I´m in a party, I don´t want them to control me, I don´t wanna feel any presure at all, just leave me alone”

Nevertheless I accepeted to talk about the classes…

But honestly talking, I´m feeling like quitng that job right now…After all pay isn´t that good…

I really feel like quiting rigt now…


2 thoughts on “Thoughts when I´m drunk

    • Yeah, I was so drunk! 😛 hehe, but it was a good party music, the mood and my partners and everything were so cool, and I was having such a good time until I received the call from my boss; anyways…

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