Could it be??

This whole swine influenza thing has become very serious… and, we all are very scared of it, maybe people here is being paranoiac, maybe they´re not.

Last night and today, all day long,  I coughed a lot, and I felt like having some headache, and honestly talking I got kind of scared I could be infected with this virus… but, so far everything is OK.

But, this year on January, I got very sick from a flu. I had temperature, my body hurted  so much, I couldn´t stop my nose mucosa …

Could it be that what I wrote on Spanish on this entry this year´s January was actually some kind of swine flu?? Cuz so far in my life I haven´t had such a strong cold in my whole life… and medicine didn´t work on that one…

I don´t know but it´d have been interesting to  know…

Anyways I translate that post to English… just to spread it a bit 😛

This damn cold has made me sleep the whole day.Since this Saturday it took away my time and my will. It made me to skip job and it stay the whole day on the bed, sleeping.

My body hurts.

Damn it, Today when I was coming back home (from work) On the street I suddenly felt like my temperature was too high. That high I couldn´t think anymore, as if suddenly the soul that moves my body was gone, leaving me empty.

I walked as slow as I could to get to the next station. As slow as I have never walked before, I even vomited on my way to the next station, and every time I  coughed the pain in my shoulder and in my back were that strong that I felt like I was going  to wreck completely

I Hate this flu, it´s the very first time in my life that a flu hits me and hits my life style this bad .

Maybe it´s because of my age ???


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  1. 明日、(今日が)




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