Insight into a vanitian´s room

One of the most important places for a vanitian. In a normal vanitian house, the room is the place that uses most of the space,because it’s a tradition in here to spent most on the time in here.

In my personal case, my room is the place I can hide from the world, and is the place I create other worlds.

Here it is:


This is the sight when you come from outside my room. You can see there the bookcase I broke last year (See the white on it?? That’s the glue I used to stick the broken parts:-P)

min-borstar2Hehe, a souvenir from Japan´s Doutor coffee shop 🙂

mitt-rum-2 Once you get in, you can go to the window side, there’s my puff sofa, and my small table. That’s the easel I use for small size painitngs (usually on acrylic). And you can see a piece of bread which is actually my drawing model.the-bread-ic2b4m-drawingSee? I’m drawing that bread. LOL. Is actually an sketch for a painting project.


Another view of that place, next to the window. YOu can see there a Remedios Varo´s poster painting “La despedida” (“Farewell”) next to a Millet´s “Gleaners” small print. Also there´s my mirror andthe place I put all of “beauty items”

min-tvAnd the TV

mitt-rum3My bed, and another view of my bookcase.Also you can see the Materials shelf* and my CD-cassette-radio player. A present that my ex-ex-boyfriend gave me years ago and which I refuse to throw away, despite the fact that it scratches the CD’s 😛


A close up to the Materials shelf. Mainly fulled with several rubes like arabic gum, dammar gum, rabbitskin glue. There´s Also Zinc White, Titanium white, calcium Carbonate, etc etc. Which we use in order to prepare our own easels and paintings (Temple, watercolor, oil painting, pasteles, fresco, acrylics, etc.)

min-sangAnother view of my bed 😀

min-smutsig-borstar The brushes I just cleaned. Still dirty, huh??


hehe, I´m a girl after all :-P, and this is my VACA hehe, no translation allowed

vad-jeg-er-malning-2My easel, the star on my room 😀 with the sketch I´m working on, and a Self portrait I´m working on 🙂

vad-jag-er-malningI´m using the venetian mixed technique for this one, it´s less than 40% done

svart-i-mitt-rum-2And last, but not least: SVART!!


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