Fotos de la ENAP I

This are pics I took this week on my school the ENAP (Spanish for National Fine Arts School).

ENAP is the most important Fine Arts School in the whole Latin America, needless to say is  very  hard to be accepted on it. (it really took a lot of effort and sacrifice for me to get in:-P)

The school has several artistic orientations, from the ready mades, the objectual art to the almost hyper realistic  art, and I believe students are allowed and encouraged to go with the artistic of their choice, whatever it is..

Sadly the lack of budget can be felt on the school atmosphere, sometimes classrooms are kind of dirty, sometimes we run out of basic supplies, such as paper. Also soap and toilet paper on our bathrooms are kind of…  dreamy things.

Despite all that, my school is the best that has happened to me, despite everything the school’s teaching system is really good, and it worth.

All what I left behind were worth sacrificed.

BTW – Pics are not as good as I would like them to be… I’m a bad photographer and I just say for the record that I’m not willing to become a photographer but a painter, which is mainly due to my lack of abilities  with the camera 😛

So here are the pics:

DCFC0290 ENAP’s main esplanade where we spent free time.

DCFC0293Another view of the same esplanade. The sculpture here is a Winged victory of Samothrace original mould. Which has become ENAP´s symbol and we refer to it only as the Samothrace.

DCFC0287Another ENAP’s esplanade.  Those are the engraving studio – classrooms


The classroom where I take DrawingII class (on mondays) and also Visual Eductaion (Thursdays) .

DCFC0289The view from that classroom. This architectural structure is known between us as “the Pentagon”. Because of the buildings´s empty space´s shapes


Which is this…

DCFC0294On Visual Education class. Actually the young boy is my teacher, LOL The Older gentleman  is a classmate of mine.

DCFC0343On the middle of the class

DCFC0341 Two of the classmates I hang out the most with. The guy on the bottom, the one who´s smiling is destined (IMHO) to become a really great artist, he´s very magical. And he loves to enjoy the aesthetical aspects even on the  smallest things and life. He’s always smling and is very funny to have any kind of conversations with him. The other guy is a bit more serious, but the man has one of the best chromatic sense between us. Unlike me he´s willing to become a photographer.

DCFC0345After class is over…this view is left…


Other day,  other classroom, same classmates

DCFC0357 DCFC0355

We have enough easels for each one of us hehehe

This are a very few pics of my school so. Actually the school is quite bigger so  I´m planning to add way more of them..  but in some other time…


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