I was painting at my studio-bedroom, at the same time i was having coffee with cookies, and then I saw Svart´s face staring at me, and the cookies I was having.

I can barely put in words how much I love this dog, and the way he moves me. Whenever Svart wants something I can´t say “No” to him, that´s why he had all the cookies I was supposed to eat.

But before that I made a quick sketch  of him while he was staring at me

Svart Svart

Acrylic on Paper


10 thoughts on ““Svart”

  1. まるちゃん、





  2. コメントありがとう! スケッチを気に入ってありがとう!

  3. Ange>

    Mmm… es que para el siguiente semestre no sé si meter a Nacho Salazar o a Guadarrama para mi taller de pintura. Quiero a alguien que sea súper figurativo y ortodoxo…

  4. Lo dije una vez y lo reafirmo:

    “Que feo perro es Svart” :P.

    P.D. No es nada personal, solo no me agradan los perros.

  5. Buuua! Sí, me veía venir algo como éso…ah, he visto a ese perro como miles de veces y cada vez me estremece de la misma manera… aghh…

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