About being women, being an Artist and raise a family

Since, quite a long time, whenever I think about my future this subject comes to my mind. To raise children requires too much time, effort, energy.. and when you realize,  your life has run dry and is time to die.

This is very, very sad but… I agree 100% on this short letter by Sheeley Esaak (an experimented artist herself)

georgia o´keeffe

georgia o´keeffe

It’s a matter of choices. A female artist can concentrate on art or take care of other people, but it’s nearly impossible to do both at the same time.
Make the right choices for you. If you burn to create art, it’s OK not to raise a family.

And the thing is that, the only case that comes to my mind to refute this is Leonora Carrington´s… an painter, sculptor and writer who continued with her artwork and also raised her sons. But, I think this is the exception to the rule.

Anyhow, a sacriface must to be done.

This is the reason why I decided to…


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