Svart and me singing

I dunno exactly what it means but every time I sing a high note, Svart comes along and starts howling. Maybe is the fact the he synchronizes with me (cause he howls more or less on the same note I´m singing), like saying:

-Yeah! We belong to the same pack, let´s sing together!

At least that´s how I wanna think he feels.

Or…Maybe is the fact that I just sing out of tune😦

However this is video I made from a recording I had of us singing “Song” by The Third and the Mortal

BTW: He starts singing at second 29

7 thoughts on “Svart and me singing

  1. Jun!

    When could we possible chat again?? I miss you!

    Hehe, thanks for the comment, actually I don´t like my voice when singing… I wish I could do it better but, Svart kickass! Isn´t he? hehe

  2. M




  3. A eso le llamo yo, echar a perder una linda cancion… hehehe de hecho me confirma aun más el hecho de que esas mmmm “cosas” llamadas perros, son un desperdicio de lo que sea que esten hechos…🙂

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