La frecuencia cardiaca es el número de veces en que el corazón late por minuto. En reposo, la frecuencia cardiaca normal es de 50 a 100lpm. En caso de pérdida considerable de la contracción cardiaca, entra en acción el desfibrilador.

Cuando la frecuencia cardiaca de mi mamá bajo de 47 a 43, 42, 39, 36, 31, me sacaron del cuarto y a cambio entraron corriendo muchas batas blancas y un aparato.

La paciente regreso a una incipiente estabilidad, pero la alerta permaneció.

Esa noche, un cuarto sólo para mi mamá, para mí  y para este aparato que remarcaba que su vida no era algo seguro.


4 thoughts on “Desfibrilador

  1. Life is for sure something we should not always take for granted.

    Therefore, to seize the day is very important.

    For most people, it takes a close to death encounter, before realizing how fragile our existence is. Those people know how to evaluate “small things” in life – small things that others just overlook or don’t see as a gift that we have been given and should be grateful for.

    It is so easy to forget to appreciate all the beautiful things around us; like another person’s kindness, all plants and creatures that inhabit the Earth with us, a true friend, a nice cup of coffee, a sunrise or sunset, a great piece of art, or simply to be able to wake up to another day full of opportunities – if we just open our eyes a little and take them when they appear.

    Sometimes we are blind before these possibilities in life, as well as blind before all small beautiful things that surround us. It often takes a dramatic experience in life to open one’s eyes for these wonders.

    People who have seen someone dear to them being close to leave this life, actually leaving and even themselves been miraculously “saved” in an accident that just as well could have ended your days on this planet, have this ability to seize the day.

    I know, because I belong to this latter category….

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