Tai chi VS Yoga

Last night I was sat on my knees for like 30 minutes or a bit less and when I stood up I realized how much they  and my legs hurt.

It´s obvious that´s due the lack of exercise , since,  the only activity I do now is walking, as slow as I can.

I´ve forgot how to swim, I can´t ride the bicycle, can´t run more than mmmm…15 mtrs without getting extremely tired, I don´t enjoy any games like football, voleyball or basquetball. In a few words, I´m not a sporty person at all. And I´m not willing to become one.

But I have to practice something before my body´s basic functions get too rusty:

I have 2 options in mind so far Yoga or Taichi….

I tried Yoga once, and I really liked it… but that was before my teacher told me I was too skinny for my age and, tried (she really tried) to make me gain weight… Yoga class became so uncomfortable to assist that, and I eventually quit.

Yoga was a real challenge for me, an optimum challenge.

By the other hand, I´ve heard that Taichi,  plus all the benefits a regular sport gives, helps people to get control over internal energy . (Which could help me to survive may and april)

And I´ve  found a school between the ENAP and my house where I could train after March…

I guess Tai Chi suits me better so far, but the only thing that worries me is the school fee 😦


2 thoughts on “Tai chi VS Yoga

  1. As someone who has taken both and liked both, I would suggest going online and checking out both for free before committing to one or the other. There’s a class at the gym I belong to that combined Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi that I really love. I honestly can’t choose between the two. Either way, you’ll feel your body begin to wake up. Even if you aren’t athletic (I’m not either), both have good mind and body benefits.

    • Hi 2blutobtru!
      “…your body begin to wake up” I really liked this part:-) Sounds like the awakening of a new self conscious, the one that doesn´t exclude the body. Definitely need to practice one of this.
      There a place where you can pay for each class you take, so I´m thinking about trying there first to see how I do with Taichi 🙂

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