Extraño a mi perro!!… 😦


(De la serie “Svart con almohada”)



7 thoughts on “Svart

    • スバートがメキシコシティにいるから、なんだか、独ぼっちで寝るのが寂しいだな〜、スバートはきっと親の側に寝てるだろうね〜

    • I know! He´s the cutest! A Chihuahua eh?, they´re certainly small and cute, :), but If I were to have another dog as a pet, i might choose a pit bull :P, hehe. BTW don´t you like pugs?

  1. I only just saw this message!!! I like pugs but not as much as I love chihuahuas. I have to pick up my puppy December 14th (not the same one as the one in august, long story lol!)
    I will send you my tumblr blog through skype!!

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