The Proust Questionnaire

This is not my idea but Libros en Red‘s one, as a way to celebrate Marcel Proust’s birthday.

Libros en Red is inviting to answer this questionaire owed to Proust about one’s personality. It makes me happy to see that there’s a lot of people answering it; but I felt like I needed an own space for my answers… like this cave, away from the group in which, I’m more likeable to produce an echo.

1. My favourite virtue: Being kind of sly – stubborn, and  being awkward.

 2. My favourite qualites in a man: A job or an occupation that fullfils him, a good ear.

3. My favourite qualities in a woman:Well thought words and actions; subtlety.les proust

4 . What do you appreciate most in my friends: The ability to open our mouths and keep secrets.

5 . My main fault Not being able to be rowdy enough when needed.

6. My favourite ocupation.To bring things out from my fingers.

7. My dream of happiness Waking up in my little aparment, and get ready to go to my studio where I prepare my work for an exhibition.

8. My greatest missfortune. Going insane, for real.

9. If not my self who would i like to be? A young mother.

10.The country where I should like to live. I’m trying to figure that out ATM

11.My favourite color: Turquoise

12.The flower that I like: I can’t think of anyone just now…

13- My favourite bird: All of them

14 . My favourite prose authors: Espido Freire, Mouppassant, Cortazar, Woolf, Murakami, Souseki, Baudrillard, Nabokov, Bocaccio, Vicente Leñero, etc

15. My favourite poets: Lina Ekdhal, Sir Byron

16. My favourites heroes in fiction: mmm….Sherlock Holmes

17.My favourite heroine in fiction Aracné?

18.My favourite composers: Laleh, Suzanne Vega, Marutani Manabu, Jason Mraz

19. Favourite painters

Not artist in general but just painters…there are so many!

I’ll  resume it in 5 nope, 6 :

Giotto, Helene Billgren, Jenny Saville, Maya Kulenovic, Matsui Fuyuko, Baselitz, Robert Ryman, Kayama Matazou and despite all, Remedios Varo.

20.Favourite heroes in real life. My painters, composers, and writers are my heroes. And both of my parents in some way

21.Favourite heroines in real life: Read above.

22.Characters in history that I like the most: Maybe …Thich Quang Duc, the self inmolated buddhist monk

23.Favourite food and drrink. Raw and very dead fish. I couldn`t eat it while he’s still alive like some fancy people do. Coffee, and several kind of teas.

24.My favourite names: Mine and Vannya as well.

25.What I hate the most. Depression and apathy

26. World history characters i hate the most: G.W.Bush and all the mexican politicians in general, those are really something despicable (except for one)

27.Military event I admire the most: When a soldier in charge greets a civilian.

28.The reform I admire the most: I’m tired….

29.Natural taled i’d like to be gifted with… Being able to keep calm no matter the situation.

30.How I want to die. By choice.

31.What’s your actual state of mind? I’m tired! 😦

32. For what fault have you most toleration? Other’s verbiage.

33.My favourite motto: 人事を尽くして天命を待つ= Do your best and let nature take it’s course


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