Your flesh against mine

OK, it’s already 3am on the morning.. i shouldn’t be writing right now since there are plenty of things to do for tomorrow and the night is getting shorter. However I feel the urge to write about this singer I’m very fond of.

Whenever people ask me, “what kind of music do you like?”, I never know what to say and came up with the most common answers (like Pop music)… which isn’t exactly a true answer. Not that I’m lying but I really lack a concept where to put the music i like in… As I wrote before this is one of my favorites: Dillon.

What kind of music is this??? Wikipedia says this is electronic music.. which I don’t entirely agree with…

OK, just because I really need to go to sleep asap, let’s say i like music from singer-songwriters with a husky voice, acoustic melody and well thought lyrics… that’s a better answer than just Pop and that will do for tonight


Someone forgot the toothbrush at my house

I want to be your lover

Wipe your lipstick across my mirror

Your skin across my skin

Your hands on my hips

My neck on your lips

To the backbone

Where the broken glass has been lying

Next to my heart

Where the broken glass has been lying

Next to my heart, to my conscience

Where the broken glass has been

Next to my heart, to my conscience, to my faith

Your flesh against mine

You fletch your teeth, i’ll fletch mine

Up the staircase

Despair case

Take care, don’t hurt yourself

Take care, don’t hurt myself

OK, a last one for me and for those who have coped with this musical post….damn, I should get some sleep now…


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