Dos and don’ts of listening music

The average memory storage for gadgets in this land is remarkable smaller than in other ones. While people in Guromnidas ask for 64GB in theirs, an average vanitian will manage their musical life with 4GB for months to come; we just don’t need that much storage, and that has to do with the “The minimum necessary” philosophy that applies to all in our daily life.

This is an example of how this minumum necessary applies to listening music in a gadget.

Music is an event that flows in time. A song needs to be repeated several times in order to fully understand the essence of each of it’s compasses while they are still there. The longer you listen to it the better you’d get it, the best it’d attach to your memory and inhabit your self.

It’s impossible to get emotionally attached to several songs at the same time, this special bound will only happen with a very few songs, and it might not occur the whole time but just on special occasions such as break ups or happy times.

(I should address the hard and sad times and music)


I refer to my case: This month i’ve been listening 4 songs… which  more or less is like a song per week.  Songs that i play over and over, until i know their lyrics and sounds perfectly so i belong them. These four songs tell my emotional story for the last month, and while i’m still listening them, I just hear occasionally the rest of the 1GB in my mobile. That’s why 64GB seems just too much unnecessary space, and is not vanitian at all.

First week: A song when the hope is gone

Second week: A song for recognizing the wounds

Third week: A song to try to keep alive what ever hope remains, a denial song

Fourth week: A song to try to give up for good and continue the path all by my self again.

Thus, the musical month of a random vanitian weights around 16.2 MB…64GB seems like a lot.. of time or space


One thought on “Dos and don’ts of listening music

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