Migration issues

As those fond of reading papers might know by now, Vanita has been sunk into a severe economic crisis for the last 2 years on which the government has forced to make huge cuts on the budget through taking ascetic measures; such as cut away educational programs, music programs, scholarships and artists grants, such as the one that active vanitians like me received, the one from which we made a living. This crisis, and the ascetic measures it came with, started the already known as the most important migration movement in Vanita`s history.

I managed to use my savings to stay in Vanita at the beginning of the crisis, but several vanitians have already moved out since the very beginning of the ascetic measures or even earlier; when they were announced. However, when my savings went almost zero I decided to accept what seemed unbelievable before: a job offer from Guromnidas.

(Maybe) since we shared language, the number of vanitian migrants entering to Guromnidas seems to be largest one.

Or maybe the fact that, despite all, guromnians do like us. An example of that are the vanitian like breakfast pics (#vanitianlikebreakfast) that have taken over the social networks such as Pinteresting and Chitter.

vanitian enmigrant

Vanitian emigrant

I’ve been here for about two and a half months and i have to say it is kind of easy to get used the Guromnian life. It is very straightforward, mainly focused on the everyday’s praxis and lowly, there are so many cultural aspects I collide with, such as the content, amount and frequency of the meals or the lack of the aesthetics as the main theme.

However, most of the guromnians are … warm. Which is something brand new for me, they are not afraid to gathering in groups bigger than three, they would start a conversation with you on the bus stop, they would greet you if you find them on the way and even ask you if you need company in your way which is so far the oddest yet the nicest that has occurs me so far.

But I do miss my everyday life in vanita, and i long to come back a.s.a.p.

Nevertheless.. in my everyday walk though the city I found where the vanitian community in Guromnidas is settled!  I guess a map will be needed to explain the physical experience of walking through a guromnian land and yet find small vanitian cultural centers and shops where to buy vanitian groceries such as the licorice tea i’m having right now.


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