Breakfast as it literally sounds the meal that interrupts a fast time. It`s frequency consumption talks with eloquence about people’s feeding and aesthetics beliefs.

As I wrote before, there has been a new trend in Guromnidas called #vanitianlikebreakfast which consist in reduce the guromnian breakfast’s regular intake and add more fruits to it.

As a vanitian I do feel flattered by this trend,which considers vanitian values as worth imitating, however and despite it’s appearance, this trend doesn’t make justice to our aesthetic beliefs.

In Guromnidas, breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day and is eaten every morning.

This ordinary thought is actually  perceived by most vanitians as something highly rude towards the living creature that lies dead on the plate. Hierarchy between foods-corpses is something out of the question. By (vanitian) common sense, a  live-corpse can`t be more important than other. The corpse that lies in brekfast isn’t more important that the body that lies at dinner and so on.

Plus, and since breakfast it is taken with a diary frequency, food (corpses) is taken for granted as something that fulfills the human needs as the most important (anthropocentrism). As a vanitian is highly rude to consume food daily (that doesn’t apply to guromnians or others though) this is why most of all are slim as result.

Thus and since guromnian breakfast implies hierarchy and anthropocentrism by its high frequency, this kind of breakfast only seems to focus on imitate the amount we eat at once. Huge portions aren’t allowed, the amount of lives needed to maintain ours is settled to the minimum possible so we avoid bossy and dominating thoughts towards life.

This is why we eat the smallest amount of food possible with no frequency settled. What is called #vanitianlikebreakfast is actually our main meal (all of them are), the one we eventually take when the body claims for it (maybe once each 3 days depending on the vanitian).

However we do consume coffee 3 times a day, with soy milk.

traditional guromnian breakfast

Example of the vanitian trend in Guromnidas. Traditional Guromnnian breakfast.

vanitian breakfast

Traditional vanitian breakfast. Coffee with soy milk and maybe something else.

new guromnian vanita inspired breakfast

New trendy #vanitianlikebreakfast


A typical famelicum breakfast.

My meal.. i had it like 1 week ago, and might repeat it tomorrow… since i have left half of a paron and a grapefruit from yesterday


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