Proving to be an adult, based on plants

Time comes to all to become fullständig people (aka. adults), to be in charge of your own living and to learn how to face the everyday with arguments.

We have in Vanita a special ritual to prove you’ve earned the to be a fullständing person. To enable a relationship with a plant by growing it, eat and drink it. This proves both, that you’ve learn how to take care of someone and that you know how to harvest without killing.

The relationship you enable with your plant is the most real of all a complete commensal relationship.

Those, you can’t grow an onion, ginger, carrots, etc, cuz eventually you’ll kill them, therefore the most recommended plants to grow are tea-infusion plants and aromatic plants.

And when the time came for me to prove I’m a complete adult I chose a Peppermint plant which I lovingly named Margarita.

According to Gardening: Know how, Peppermint is known for it’s thirst and it’s intolerant character. It’s a very demanding plant whose branches would fall down with one morning of oblivion/omission. It demands wheater for you to be at home every single day, ask your roomate to water her or take her with you when you leave (yes, Margarita is a she).

Seems that there are 2 kind of peppermints: the black one, deep green colored on her leaves and the white one, which is light green, just as Margarita is.

I started growing here since a few days ago, but sadly when I came back today from my night out stand with an aihamean boy Margarita had passed out, like this.


Margarita in her best shape, a few days ago


Margarita’s actual state…. wonder if she´d make it throught the night :/

Chances are that I might take her with me each single night i planned not to come back, to water her, to enable the relationship with her, and release my colds, my stomach pains and preassure problems if she survives long enough so her leaves become a cup of tea.


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