Cutting off the paths

The grieve  period is over and is time to start again. These are my last days as a obedient soul who has no path of her own.

Today I´m a step closer to complete my dreams: mornings of coffee and readings, followed by few hours of teaching, full nights of painting and drawing, with eventual social gatherings. Residences abroad.

Pain is necessary as well as worth it, makes you stronger and enables you economically, but it brings wether lust for money  or fear to lose the stability and might eventually eat your essence.

Now that is still time to do it, I finnish this deal before it reduces me into a hint of what I am.Back on my path and she is here to help me prove this time , I can take care of her as well as I continue this road.


My new partner (yet to be named) listening a
musical recommendation made 
by someone experienced on this matters. 
BTW: I tried to leave a remainder of Margarita at someone else's house and 
it worked but became so purple-black is 
hard to tell is the same partner I had



2 thoughts on “Cutting off the paths

  1. I don’t have pics… but my brother sent to me this note with a picture a week ago:

    “Hola hermanitos venía del centro hacia la orilla del mar, haciendo una pequeña vista blanda, al pasar junto a las flores me atrajeron y las percibí.
    Me impactó tanto, pues ya tenía meses de no hacer algo así, que saco el celular, le tomo foto y…..
    O decepción la cámara es incapaz de percibir en tres dimensiones.
    Así que aunque sea una simple foto plana, se las comparto”.

    Anyway… I was incapable of uploading that pic of Violeta & Co… so I’m sending this instead:

    The thing is: the beginning of this music… the wrist of your hand… hope your new plant likes flute and harp.
    Esmava… Happy Birthday!.. and thanks for sharing with us.

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