Svart’s voice

I’m writing very fast this very post.

Right now I am moving my files from my old (and beloved, yet obsolete) macbook to my new one, deleting some files,uploading some to the Cloud, gathering pics of pieces i consider worth publicizing into my Behance portfolio, finding so many lost memories..

And Svart came up all over this macbook. There are so much more pics of Svart than selfies of mine, or any other.

This is a voice recording of me and Svart singing along.

Ignore my voice’s flaws, i would erase it from the recording if I could, the point is to  listen to Svart. He matches the tone!!

My beloved dog.con svart.jpg


2 thoughts on “Svart’s voice

    • Hi mod n’ar (or Modnar?)
      Yes, I guess I meant the whole world for Svart, or at least a huge part of it.
      He was like 6 or 7 years old on that picture, but now he’s around 14, yet he looks awesome for his age 😉

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