Walkscapes 102

"Quien pierde tiempo gana espacio"
 Francesco Careri. 
Walkscapes; walking as an aesthetic practice


This is the second part of  this introduction to walkscapes  I made some while ago on which Walkscape was described as the ability to use our own walk as a tool to discover, create or modify cognitive categories where places can be inserted.

Walkscape implies several kind of movements. The walker’s body moves, and so they do his perspective, his cognition and stablished categories he might have had.

While walking on it, the space shows characteristics that were unnoticed such as length, temperature, smell, textures, inhabitants, etc. Creating a new space by walking it implies to see with different eyes whatever place you go through. Even the dullest place can be seen with different eyes changing it into a resignified place. In my experience, rather than try to perceive all what you hadn’t seen, to decide first one characteristic to focus on deepens the observation.

Pero caminar en America Latina implica más retos, más dudas, más miedos (Careri).
¿Es segura el lugar? ¿Me va a pasar algo en el lugar?¿Cuánto tiempo puedo estar antes de despertar el miedo del otro? ¿De quién es en verdad el espacio?


Walkscapes are an aesthetic and politic position on which previous standards and categorizations can be changed or even discarded. A tool from which banal places become aesthetic experiences that challenges the preconception, art, a tool for the everyday life to meet the all the universes hidden inside, the sublime.

Caminar es apostar a encontrar al otro, arriesgando las preconcepciones y a veces el cuerpo. Escoger un lugar para andar por estos lares hispanos implica tener presentes tanto criterios estéticos como policiacos. 
Los lugares y horarios del walkscape se reducen en pos de la seguridad a pesar de eso, las posibilidades sublimadoras del walkscape no se ven reducidas.

Some things you can do while walkscaping any where you go.


  • Go through
  • Recognize
  • Discover
  • Grasp
  • Assign
  • Inhabit
  • Visit
  • Explain
  • Observe
  • Listen
  • Find
  • Measure
  • Understand
  • Build
  • Find
  • Inquire
  • Collect
  • Populate
  • Take a cup of tea

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