Does and do nots of passing by

The art of passing by requires


Search for a sponsor to pay the airplane tickets, the food costs or the accommodation   fee, or all of them.

Search for this sponsor 2 months before your departure.

Check the weather forecast, and have it on mind when packing

Go to a city you have interest about

Have a veery structured plan about how you´re going to do whatever you´re supossed to make it

Know when to quit your travel, be prepared to leave.

Be open to talk to strangers

Follow your heart, when a hunch tells you to stop talking with a certain stranger.

Make sure you have enough money



Prepay for place you’ve only seen online for more than two days.

Stay at the cheapest place you could find.

Go to a city you know you might dislike (if possible).

Do not improvise your daily actions, specially if you hate the city.



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